The Short Fiction of Akutagawa Background

The Short Fiction of Akutagawa Background

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, a Japanese writer from the Taisho period in Japan, was considered the “Father of the Japanese short story”. He wrote a number of beautiful, concise short stories that explored diverse themes with an intricate understanding of human nature. Over 150 stories were the end product of his career. Later, the film Rashomon re-told his story “In a Grove”.

In particular, Akutagawa wrote works that were reinterpretations of classical works as well as historical incidents. His works explored the idea of universality of literature and its ability to reconcile different cultures. Many of his works see a manifestation of this idea, narrating historical incidents that were woven in with a set of modern sensibilities. This understanding informed works that have immortalized his ideas about society, perception, and subjectivity in the pages of literary tradition.

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