The Shadow Line Characters

The Shadow Line Character List

The narrator

The name of the narrator is never mentioned, but it could be assumed that it is the writer himself, since the subtitle of the novel is "Confession." The narrator is the main protagonist whose dream to be a captain of his own ship comes true in strange workings of fate. The narrator is questioning his youth and links it to the sometimes irrational decisions. After returning from the journey he no longer feels like he belongs to the shadow line of youth.

Captain Giles

Captain Giles is an experienced and trustworthy character. The narrator meets him at the Officers' Home and immediately takes a liking of his character. He is smart and full of important advice.

Mr. Barns

Mr. Barns is the chief mate of the narrator's newly acquired ship. He is grumpy and discontented because he believed that he deserved to be the captain of the ship. The insane death of his previous captain takes a toll on him making him pick up some of that insanity.


Ransome is the cook on the ship. His manner and behavior are deserving of someone with a much higher rank. He is trustworthy, and proves to be someone the narrator can lean on when in trouble.

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