The Searchers

The Searchers Glossary

beau (noun)

A male romantic partner.

half-breed (noun)

An offensive and dated term for someone born from a union of people of two different “races," usually a white parent and a Native American parent.


Crying like a baby; esp. when a baby is doing it.

saber (noun)

A thicker sword of the type used by members of the cavalry.

locket (noun)

A piece worn around the neck in which a keepsake of some sort is kept hidden behind a hinged door.

minted (adjective)

metal made into a coin through a stamping process.

rustler (noun)

someone who steals a horse.

recompense (noun)

Payment for services rendered.

prodigal (adjective)

someone who leaves the safety and authority of home and behaves in a reckless or feckless manner while away.

ploughshares (noun)

Another term for the job of farming.

doddering (adjective)

old and nearing senility.

sovereign (adjective)

autonomous and independent rule.

lollygagging (noun)

behaving in an aimless manner.

calico (noun)

Multi-colored cotton fabric.

gaunt (adjective)

thin and sickly looking.

kin (noun)

blood relations.

dallying (noun)

wasting time.

saddle bag (noun)

each of a pair of bags attached behind the saddle on a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle.

terrain (noun)

the topographical features of the landscape.

blood money (noun)

money paid in recompense for information about someone who has been killed, usually murdered.