The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials Character List


Thomas is the protagonist of the series and of The Scorch Trials. He is a determined, brave boy whom Group B is supposed kill. His name is written all over the Scorch; written beside it is the claim that he is supposed to be the leader. Although Thomas faces many dilemmas, he is able to solve them in a smart, quick way that enables him to stay out of trouble. He was able to keep Group B from killing him by emotionally moving them. He is a smart talker and well-liked by most people.


Minho is Thomas's best friend besides Teresa and Newt. Minho is the leader of the Gladers in the Scorch, as written in the tattoo on his neck. Minho is a loyal person, evidenced by the fact that he insisted on saving Thomas when he was lost with Brenda. Minho is bold and confident, but often brash. He often gets in unnecessary fights because he acts without thinking. Often, Thomas's brain-based actions mitigate Minho's rash ones.


He is the leader of the first group of Cranks the Gladers meet in the Scorch. When the Gladers first meet him, he acts arrogant and even threatening. However, he soon agrees to help the Gladers get to the cure by making a deal with them. He, too, wants the cure for his Flare.He and Brenda are very close friends. Jorge takes a liking to Thomas, who was the one to negotiate for Jorge's help in the first place. Jorge and Minho are often at odds because of how rash and bold both can be.


Brenda is Jorge's best friend in his group of Cranks. She is an older teenage girl with brown hair; she is described as very pretty, as well as very tough. She and Thomas grow very close very quickly. She flirts with him from the outset, and soon the two develop feelings for each other. She is hurt by Thomas's relationship with Teresa, however. At the very end of the story, she is also able to briefly communicate with Thomas through telepathy.

The Rat Man

Some sort of official of WICKED; he calls himself a representation of that organization. The Gladers call him 'the Rat Man' because of his physical appearance resembling that of a rodent. He is often emotionless. He is sent by WICKED to give instructions to the Gladers about the Scorch Trials. He seems to have no empathy or sympathy for the poor, tortured teenagers. He constantly emphasizes that WICKED is saving the world.


Teresa is Thomas's best friend from the Maze, as well as from before all the craziness of the Trials. She is an older teenage girl with long, black hair and beautiful blue eyes. She and Thomas also have feelings for each other, but these are put to the test in the Scorch. She acts in a confusing way in the second phase of the Trials. She ultimately makes Thomas feel betrayed, as this was part of WICKED's plan. She did it, however, in order to save him, because she cares so much about him. She and Thomas have a strained relationship after this happens.


Aris was the only boy in Group B, much like Teresa was the only girl in Group A. Aris, like Thomas, also witnessed his best friend from the Maze get killed. He and Thomas bond over this. It is revealed through Thomas's flashbacks that Aris also worked for WICKED alongside Thomas and Teresa. As a result, Aris could also communicate with Thomas and Teresa telepathically. Thomas doesn't trust him too much, however, and this is only made worse when Aris helps Teresa make Thomas feel betrayed.

Harriet and Sonya

Harriet and Sonya are the two leaders of Group B. They are sympathetic, friendly girls who are also competent. Thomas convinces them not to kill him. The girls are also afraid that they would just be playing into the hands of another WICKED test by killing Thomas.


One of Thomas's best friends from the Glade. He is also good friends with Minho. He is level-headed and rather logical. He, Thomas, and Minho are the more leaderly members of the group of Gladers who are left.


A boy from Group A. He is the unfortunate victim of a tunnel slicer device, and even though he survives, he is left in extreme pain and deformity. He later dies in the lightning storm.


One of Thomas's friends from the Glade. Frypan is his nickname. He was the cook back in the Maze's Glade.


A guard working for WICKED on board the Berg that picks up the members of Group A and B who reach the Safe Haven. He forces Thomas to choose between keeping Brenda and Jorge, but Thomas overpowers him instead.


A half-Gone Crank from the Scorch town who shoots Thomas in the shoulder.