The Scarlet Ibis

The Scarlet Ibis Character List


The protagonist, whose real name never appears; he's referred to only as "Brother" by Doodle. The narrator has Doodle's best intentions in mind, but he allows his pride and determination to get in the way, which ultimately results in tragedy. 


The narrator's younger brother, real name William Armstrong. Doodle was born with a caul, or a membrane that sometimes surrounds the head of a child at birth. As a result, he has a number of developmental disabilities, and he is not able to walk until age five, when the narrator teaches him. Doodle is hopeful, energetic, and determined, with an eye for things that are beautiful. 


Doodle and the narrator's mother. She cares deeply for her sons, and always encourages the narrator to take Doodle with him when he goes out in the yard to play. She is much more careful around Doodle than the narrator is. 


Doodle and the narrator's father. Not much is known about Daddy except that, just like Mama, he cares deeply for his sons.

Aunt Nicey

Doodle and the narrator's aunt, who is extremely spiritual. Aunt Nicey does not approve of the nickname "Doodle," because she says caul babies should be treated especially well since they might turn out to be saints. She delivered Doodle, and after his birth, she was the only one who had faith that he would not die. 

Miss Leedie

A crazy woman the narrator knows, who is in love with President Wilson and allegedly writes him letters every day.