The Rivals

The Rivals Metaphors and Similes

"All her thread-papers are made of bank notes” (Metaphor)

In the first scene, Thomas and Fag discuss Lydia's wealth, and Fag says that her "thread-papers are made of bank notes," a metaphor which suggests that she is outrageously wealthy.

"The thunder of your words has soured the milk of human kindness in my breast" (Metaphor)

When Lucius encourages Bob Acres to duel with Ensign Beverley, Bob says this to signify that the encouragement is working. It is a very comical metaphor, as Bob refers to the milk in his breast, a rather feminine metaphor that is here applied to Bob's sense of his own store of "human kindness."

"Do tell him I am a devil of a fellow" (Metaphor)

Bob Acres, once he is convinced that he wants to duel Ensign Beverley, tells Jack to tell Beverley that he is "a devil of a fellow," a metaphor that is meant to signify that he is a formidable opponent.

"Why don't you speak out?—not stand croaking like a frog in a quinsy!"

Anthony uses this simile to describe the way that Jack changes his voice to keep his identity secret from Lydia, who believes he is Ensign Beverley. Anthony compares his affected voice to a frog.

"As for the old weather-beaten she-dragon who guards you" (Metaphor)

In his letters to Lydia, Jack—disguising himself as Ensign Beverley—refers to Mrs. Malaprop as a "she-dragon," a rather insulting metaphor for Lydia's middle-aged keeper.