The Relapse, or, Virtue in Danger Characters

The Relapse, or, Virtue in Danger Character List


A man who is trying hard to reform and repent for marital problems by moving from the city to the country, but who occasionally returns to London to test his resolve. Unfortunately, he repeated finds ways to return back home with a failing grade.


The other half of the marriage in discord. Unlike Loveless, the test come to Amanda despite temptation, she repeatedly passes with flying colors that leave her chasteness outside of the bonds of marriage intact.

Sir Novelty Fashion, Lord Foppington

Foppish almost to a fad, Foppington is the test that Amanda finds she must take over and over again. He also happens to be engaged to Miss Hoyden and certainly her wealth wouldn’t make the marriage entirely unappetizing such a dandy. Once the marriage actually occurs however, a shocking revelation throws that plan into turmoil.

Miss Hoyden

Sporting a name almost built for being a character in a Jerry Lewis comedy, Miss Hoyden is more than just money in the bank. She’s also got the body of a love interest in a Jerry Lewis comedy. The repeated refusals of Amanda to succumb to Foppington’s charms serves to make her the ideal object of pursuit. Only one problem: not only is keeping a previous marriage a secret from her new husband, but it turns out that marriage was to none other than the Lord’s own brother

Young Fashion

The brother of Lord Foppington had a falling out with his sibling over the issue of debts incurred and a family bailout denied. This leads to the circumstances of his marriage to Miss Hoyden as well as the reason for keeping it a secret: the courting of Miss Hoyden was done under the false pretense by Young Fashion of actually being his older brother, the Lord of Foppington estate.

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