The Quiet American

The Quiet American Film Adaptation of The Quiet American (2002)

Graham Greene's The Quiet American adapted into a film for the second time in 2002. Australian director Phillip Noyce directed this version from a script by Christopher Hampton and Robert Schenkkan, and it stars Michael Caine as Thomas Fowler, Brendan Fraser as Alden Pyle, and Do Thi Hai Yen as Phunog. In contrast to the 1958 film adaptation of The Quiet American, Noyce's film is faithful to the novel's ending in that Pyle is partially responsible for the bombings in the square. The Quiet American was originally supposed to be released in 2001, but Miramax Films (the distributor) did not want to be perceived as anti-American after the September 11th attacks. The film was eventually released in 2002. It earned a great deal of critical praise as well as an Oscar nomination for Michael Caine.