The Queen (2006 film)

The Queen (2006 film) Imagery


Early on in the film, the queen mentions that she does not judge someone by the depth of their curtsy. However, when Cherie Blair performs a shallow curtsy, the queen is visibly annoyed by the show of irreverence.

News Footage

While the film is a fictionalization of real events, there are many moments of actual historical footage from the time of Princess Diana's death. We see images of the grieving that took place as well as footage from the actual Princess Diana's life. While everyone else in the film is portrayed by an actor, when we see Diana, we see the real footage. Director Stephen Frears seamlessly weaves together this real footage with fictionalized scenes.

The Stag

Perhaps the most striking image in the film is when the queen's car breaks down by the river and she comes face to face with the infamous deer that her husband is trying to hunt down. It is a beautiful and almost fairy-tale image of the queen, with a scarf tied around her head, looking into the eyes of a majestic stag.

A walk in the garden

The film ends with a moment of understanding between Tony Blair and the queen. After she explains to him how difficult it was to feel so reviled by her own people, they go on a stroll through the garden and discuss business matters. There is now an understanding between them, and the image of them walking through the pristine and beautiful gardens of Buckingham Palace represents the connection they have cultivated.