The Prussian Officer Characters

The Prussian Officer Character List

the Captain - Hauptmann

The Captain joined the military after squandering his wealth. He is greatly affected by the warm spirit of his orderly and starts to feel sexual tension towards the young man. He tries to repress these feelings which results into greater hate and irritability directed towards Schoner. Eventually, the Captain violently attacks the inferior soldier, leaving him with painful injuries. He manages to break the young man, which ultimately results into the death of both of the characters.

the orderly - Schoner

Schoner is a young, peasant man of a warm spirit. He is a soldier who serves in military as an orderly of Captain Hauptmann. After some time of physical and psychological torture coming from the Captain, the young man grows to detest his superior. One day, while practicing maneuvers, something inside of Schoner breaks, and he violently murders the oppressor. Afterwards, due to thirst and unbearable pain caused by the beatings he previously had to take from the captain, the soldier collapses and dies in a hospital.

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