The Prince and the Pauper Characters

The Prince and the Pauper Character List

Tom Canty

Tom Canty is a character in The Prince and the Pauper. He bears an uncanny resemblance to the Prince of Wales; Edward Tudor and they were born on the same day. Tom has an abusive alcoholic father. He is pushed by his mother and sisters to get an education, which is why he learns Latin and how to read from a priest.

Edward Tudor

Edward Tudor was the king of Wales in The Prince and the Pauper and was the true king of England and Ireland in 1547. He died when he was only fifteen years old but reigned as a true and good king the time he sat on the throne. Mark Twain used his good graces when he made the book, and the book as a whole is an explanation and a myth as to how such a young boy could be such a good king.

Miles Hendon

Miles Hendon is one of Mark Twain’s fictional characters. He is a nobleman and a war veteran as well as a soldier. He meets Edward Tudor while he is in disguise, and though Edward reveals his true identity to the soldier, he isn’t believed. However, Miles is kind and decides to protect the young boy. At the end of the book, Miles is appointed Earl.

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