The Poetry of Robert Penn Warren Background

The Poetry of Robert Penn Warren Background

Robert Penn Warren was an American poet, literary critic and novelist. He is the only person that has won the Pulitzer Prize for both fiction and poetry, and he was one of the founders of New Criticism. He was close to winning every major award given to writers in the united states, including the Robert Frost Medal.

Penn Warren didn’t plan on becoming a writer - his initial goal was becoming a naval officer. Yet, he got injured and couldn’t go on. Therefore, he changed his plan to become a chemical engineer. He enjoyed the English courses far more than chemistry. He got educated through a group he got invited into that discussed American Literature and history.

The poetry written by Robert Penn Warren was written after and during the group he discussed literature with and have been a part of the forming of New Criticism. The poetry is often personal, strong and has definite meaning, that the reader can capture though the poem. Some of the most famous ones are Tell Me A Story, True Love and Evening Hawk.

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