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Joe is a reporter who was at the assassination of Senator Carroll. He investigates the assassination as he believes it to be a conspiracy, that a corporation is creating killers in order to take out key targets. He gets caught up in their scheme and ultimately takes the wrap for a final murder and pays with his life.

Austin Tucker

Tucker was one of Carroll's aides. He was at the space needle the day of Sen. Carroll was killed. He's gone into hiding as he knows someone is out to kill him. Joe finds him and while they are together on Tucker's boat a bomb goes off killing Tucker and his associate.

Sheriff Wicker

Sheriff Wicker is local law enforcement in the town where one of the people at the space needle, on the day of Sen. Carroll's assassination, has drowned in a fishing accident. The Sheriff helps Joe get evidence, but turns against him by pulling his gun on Joe in the river in order to kill him with the onslaught of water coming from the damn. Joe is able to escape and the Sheriff is drowned in the waters.

Bill Rentils

Bill is the editor of Joe's newspaper. He doesn't want anything to do with Joe's assassination theories until Joe is nearly killed, then he gets on board with him. He gives Joe money and support to write the story but is visited by a Parallax assassin at the end of the film.


Lee is a local news reporter with Joe. She witnesses the assassination of Sen. Carroll first hand and believes she is being followed and that someone is trying to kill her. She tries to tell Joe this but he won't listen and the next day she is dead.

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