The Open Window

The Open Window Character List

Framton Nuttel's Sister

She writes several letters of introduction to keep her brother, Framton, from being lonely on his retreat to the countryside. She writes one such letter in order to introduce him to Mrs. Sappleton; this is how Framton finds himself in Mrs. Sappleton's home.

Mr. Framton Nuttel

A nervous man, Framton Nuttel arrives in a new town seeking relaxation in order to alleviate an unspecified nervous disorder.


Mrs. Sappleton’s youngest brother and member of the hunting party. He often teases her by singing a short song.

Mr. Sappleton

Mrs. Sappleton’s husband and a member of the hunting party.

Mrs. Sappleton

Framton’s host and Vera’s aunt.


A 15-year-old girl who greets Framton and informs him of her aunt’s “great tragedy” (225).