The No-Guitar Blues Summary

The No-Guitar Blues Summary

Fausto sees Los Lobos in TV. He falls in love with the guitar, but when he asks his parents, they say that guitars are too expensive. Following this experience, Fausto decides he will earn his own money to buy his own guitar.

After trying to mow lawns and rake leaves in the middle of winter, he only earns a quarter for running an errand for a neighbor. Disappointed, he sits down and eats an orange. When a dog comes along, he sees that it is very nice, and the address is in the very nice part of town. He gets an idea to return the dog and get a reward for it.

After he finds the house, he spices up the story and says that he found the dog near the freeway. The people living in the house give him a turnover and $20. However, after they give him the money, he feels bad for lying. To make up for it, he decides to go to church and give the 20 dollar bill and the quarter.

He feels much better and rips his pants playing football, and for a moment, regrets giving the $20 dollars. However, his parents surprise him, saying they found an old guitar in the garage, which Fausto keeps and loves.

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