The Master Butcher's Singing Club Characters

The Master Butcher's Singing Club Character List

Fidelis Waldvogel

A former World War I German sniper, he promised his friend Johannes that he would marry and take care of Eva. After they get married, the couple emigrate to America, where Fidelis works as a butcher. Despite his profession, he has a very good singing voice. As his name suggests, he is very faithful and remains loyal to Eva.

Eva Waldvogel

Johannes' former fiance, she marries Fidelis and bears him four children. She helps him out with the operations of his butcher shop. She is a good friend of Delphine and a good good role model for her children.


A close companion of Fidelis, he leaves Eva alone and pregnant after dying in the war.

Delphine Watzka

Daughter of Roy Watzka and Cyprian Lazarre's partner. She returns to North Dakota and cares for her father and various other people in the community.

Franz Waldvogel

Eva and Fidelis' oldest son. He is strong and atheletic and his interest in aviation leads him to become a World War II pilot. Biologically, his father is Johannes.

Markus Waldvogel

Eva and Fidelis' second son, named after Eva's father. He very sensitive and introverted.

Emil and Erich Waldvogel

The two youngest twins of Eva and Fidelis. The two boys share an interest in war games, leading them to eventually take on positions as soldiers.

Tante Maria Theresa Waldvogel

Fidelis' proud and jealous German sister who goes to America envious of the life Fidelis found there and hoping to find the same American life, a task at which she has little success.

Cyprian Lazarre

A World War I US Marine, he takes up a profession as a travelling performer. He is sexually insecure and his relationship with Delphine only makes this problem worse.

Roy Watzka

Delphine's father and town alcoholic, he is constantly grieving for his wife.

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