The Marriage of Figaro Background

The Marriage of Figaro Background

Premiering in 1784, The Marriage of Figaro is a play by the renowned French playwright Pierre Beaumarchais. A continuation of the story The Barber of Seville, the play is also a comedy and Figaro is engaged to be married to Suzanne. However, The Count, the antagonist of the play, is looking for a new wife and sees Suzanne as the perfect choice. Since The Barber of Seville was so popular, the opening day for this play was packed to the brim, not enough seats for everyone wanting to see it and raking in over 100,000 francs soon after release.

Pierre Beaumarchais was born on January 24, 1732 in Paris, France. Considered one of the greatest writers in French history, Beaumarchais plays were always a great hit and gained much more popularity than other playwrights of the time. He wrote a third play pertaining to Figaro after this one, bringing in even more crowds and money, and was an active participant in the French Revolution until his death.

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