The Man of the Forest Background

The Man of the Forest Background

Written by an author best known for his adventurous Western tales, Zane Grey's The Man of the Forest, published in 1920, is about a woman who is taken prisoner by a group of outlaws, and the plan that is put into motion to rescue her back.

The Man of the Forest is of the storyline Grey does best, an action-packed story set against the harsh, forbidding scenery of the Wild West. When a young woman is captured by a band of thieves and plunderers, a man works extremely hard to figure out a way to bring her back safely. To do this, he must make sense of the bandits' plans with her and predict their movements.

The Man of the Forest was well-received by critics, like most of Grey's novels. In 1933, it was adapted into a film directed by Henry Hathaway, who also directed several other movies based off of Grey's work, starring Verna Hillie and Randolph Scott.

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