The Loaded Dog Summary

The Loaded Dog Summary

One day, Dave Regan, Andy Page, and Jim Bently are ‘sinking shafts’ at Stony Creek. Dave and Andy like to fish, so Dave comes up with a new way of catching the fish. He suggests they should try to blow-up the fish with cartridge. Jim is not interested in the “damned silliness," but Andy, who “usually put Dave's theories into practice if they were practicable, or bore the blame for the failure and the chaffing of his mates if they weren’t," starts to work on the project.

When all three men are back at the camp, their playful retriever Tommy gets hold of the explosive. He starts chasing after the three men, who are trying to runaway, following each other. After some time they split and Tommy ends up following Dave. Dave runs into a local pub and the announcement he makes causes chaos. Meanwhile Tommy encounters an aggressive yellow dog, so he drops the cartridge and runs away. The yellow dog sniffs around the explosive when it suddenly blows up.

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