The Joys of Motherhood Glossary

The Joys of Motherhood Glossary


To be in a state of complete and utter happiness


A thing that is added or attached to something larger or more important. Usually an accessory


To sit or rest on something high up


To maintain and keep up something, usually honour


Something that is far-reaching and extreme in its consequences


To be protected


The condition of being lower in status or quality than another or others


a long, tedious speech by one person during a conversation


A city in Nigeria, Lagos was colonized by the British in 1861.


The personal gods of Ibuza people within this book. These gods are throught to be the souls of those that have previously died.


The town of the Ibo ethnic group who came from Isu in the East of Nigeria.


A village of people who lived in a part of [what is referred to in the book as] Ibuza, before the Eastern Ibo people from Isu came and settled with them. Following growth of the Ibo population, Ogboli is considered to be a village within the town Ibuza.


The Ibuza are a specific ethnic who inhabited Nigeria before it was colonized by the British. This group pertains to indigenous cultural practices and beliefs, including the worship of personal Chi.

Kia-kia bus

In English: "quick-quick bus". These were are mini-buses driven by locals as an alternative to the commercial buses, funded by the colonizers, in Lagos.

Bride Price

A sum of money paid to the father of the bride. The standard bride price for the Ibuza people is 20 pounds.


The Lagos term used to refer to the feared Hausa soliders, army policemen who were notorious for using their truncheons wickedly.


The medicine men of the Ibo people. These men's practices were based on ideas of 'magic' rather than modern day, western, medicinal knowledge.

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