The Iron Heel Metaphors and Similes

The Iron Heel Metaphors and Similes

Metaphor for Avis' Feelings

After Ernest Everhard argues that the capitalist class is corrupt, Avis thinks, "I had a feeling that I stood on the edge of a precipice." This metaphor suggests that Avis feels that she will see the truth of her class soon.

Simile of the way Ernest Everhard will make Philomaths feel

Ernest tells Avis that "I'll make them snarl like wolves" when referring to what the Philomaths will think of what he has to say. This simile reveals that the Philomaths will not be happy with what Ernest has to say.

Simile for Miss Brentwood's Impression of Ernest Everhard

Ernest tells Avis that "Miss Brentwood thinks I am as mild as a kitten and as good-natured and stolid as the family cow." This simile reveals that Miss Brentwood thinks that Ernest is harmless and dumb.

Simile for the men of the Philomath

Mr. Wickson says, "You have buzzed like gnats about a bear." He directs this at the men of the Philomath who reject what Ernest Everhard is saying. This means that Mr. Wickson thinks that what the men are saying is useless to someone like Ernest.

Metaphor for Different Perspective

After learning what the capitalist class has done to the working-class, Avis thinks, "I was seeing the other side of the shield." She uses "shield" as a metaphor for a different perspective to reveal that the differing perspectives could not understand each other.

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