The Inheritance of Loss Background

The Inheritance of Loss Background

The Inheritance of Loss is a novel written by Kiran Desai, and was published in the United States by Atlantic Monthly Press and Hamish Hamilton on 31 August 2006.

The novel revolves around the lives of two individuals: Biju, an illegal immigrant who is attempting to start a new life in the US, and Sai, an Indian girl living with her grandfather in India. The novel focuses on the conflict between whether to accept the English lifestyle or favor it for the traditional Indian way of life. The novel also explores the way that individuals attempted to make a life for themselves by following traditional English methods, and initially are full of idealism, but this comes weighing down on their lives the longer they succumb to it. Furthermore, Desai introduces the idea of two different cultures never fully being able to be intertwined and the fact that one can never truly belong to another culture.

The book was received with mixed reviews, with The New York Times and won the 2006 Vodafone Crossword Book Award for the novel. The Guardian reviewed the books and stated that it was "an exuberantly written novel that mixes colloquial and more literary styles."

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