The Hunger Games

When a tribute dies, why does the hovercraft take the body away, and why does a cannon go off and why does the sky show the tributes and their deaths? Why???

Please explain... I'm desperate now. And I know it needs to be separate questions though but sorry. I'll do that.

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One of the games had an issue with cannibalism. Hovercrafts are dispatched to remove the bodies as quickly as possible and make sure there is never a reoccurrence of this type of savagery.


Hunger Games

Dead bodies are needed to collect for the games. They use the dead tribute's body for the mutts. (they are highly engineered DNA dogs that are the bodies of dead tributes). They also have an issue of cannibalism.

DNA dogs.

What we know for sure is that the hovercraft comes to pick up the dead body so that it won't have "reoccurrence" while fighting the games. Many tributes I can recall are listed below, by their causes (cause) of death:

The boy from District 9 who coughs up blood into Katniss's face and he died of a knife strike in his back.

Rue was shot by Marvel, a boy from District 1, and Katniss shot him with an arrow in the neck.

Foxface dies of eating berries that can kill you within a minute.

Cato, fell off of the top of something and the mutts (DNA mutts that are produced to be the dead bodies of the tributes who either got killed or they sacrificed themselves.)

Clove dies of a rock smashed on top of her head by Thresh.

Thresh dies because Cato killed him I think.

Those are the deaths made by the answering person. (that would of course be me.)

And yeah.

While competing in the Games, Peeta's leg is badly injured by Cato's burning sword. In the development of the movie, Cato is seen with the tip of his blade sword with a fire in front of him. He's making a weapon that'll later injure Peeta's leg. Cato is presumed to be a vicious fighter and killer in the games. Katniss needs Peeta's help but if Peeta joins the Career Tributes, Katniss won't have enough strength and survival to win the games.

Having Peeta at her side, Katniss regains her strength to fight for who she loves. Peeta and Katniss are considered to be Star Crossed Lovers. Which is humiliating to Katniss.

Much of the story is told by first person. I think this book is wonderful for older ages who aren't considered little. I'm only 9 years old and I read this book.

This is like a great book.

And for anybody who needs help, read this!!! It'll help you.


The Hunger Games

How would you feel if you were picked to attend the hunger games? I'd probably get killed just by standing there, and the bloody battle begins in front of me!!!!!

Okay, so peeta is a boy who nearly dies.

The body starts to rot. And yes...its sad everybody

They have an issue with cannibalism so they take the body away. They do it in the second book, which is Catching Fire.'re right death. Consider this...Peeta, (Katniss's friend and tribute down lol), got hurt. Katniss made Peeta feel better.

Besides, Peeta is a really great kid. But then...that's when the Capitol did something to him. They took him and Johanna Mason. Katniss did a clever thing: She shot the arrow with the copper at the arena dome ceiling. And it broke. Then it looks as if she died...but nope. She survived. So did Finnick (District 4)

You're right Death. Peeta was captured by President Snow.

The reason the hovercraft comes to pick them up is to clean them and take cary of the wounds fancy dress them and put them in a wooden box and sends the back to the district to be buried the reason a cannon goes off is because they announce a tributes death and the reason they show the pictures at night is to identify how many died and how many are left. Hope this helped!

Caroline the berries are called NightLock. They can kill you within a minute. (Not good!)

NightLock is a type of berry that is poisonous. If you swallow just one, or taste with one little lick, you will die within 60 seconds. I wouldn't even try and eat that! :)

I am like this: 


Àt your service my young ↑upwards arrow!!!

They want to bury them so they can live again?

Don't try and be stupid guys. Arkham, no unfortunately. They don't bury them so they can live again. They bury them because they're dead. You can't bring back the dead. Only the Government does that and ya know it.

They have an issue with canibalism.

Well, if he lives, that's the way it's supposed to be. If he dies, you can turn to many different places to find joy again. I try not to be religious about answering questions, but I believe in an afterlife. I believe that your friend will have a chance to get married when the Millennium comes to pass (it's when Jesus comes and resurrects all the moderately good people and Satan has no hold on anyone anymore [no more urge to sin]). If you need to ask anymore questions about this to me or anyone of my faith, it's called the LDS religion (Mormonism), please don't hesitate. "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you." -John 14:18 Hope I helped(:

It's to keep the body from stinking.

74th Hunger Games 

In the novel version of the 74th Hunger Games, eleven people were killed in the opening bloodbath. In the film version of the 74th Hunger Games, twelve people were killed instead as the District 4 tributes were not considered Careers and the District 4 female was killed off.

In the novel, Katniss grapples with the District 9 male over an orange backpack, until the boy begins coughing blood in her face and finally falls onto the ground dead with a knife protruding out of his back. Katniss looks to see the District 2 female, Clove, with a knife in her hands, indicating she had done the deed. Clove throws a knife right toward Katniss's head, almost killing her. However, Katniss shields herself with her backpack, gaining herself a knife, before running off into the forests.

Cato shoving the District 4 female into a crate during the 74th Hunger Games.

In the film, including the behind the scenes, Katniss and the other tributes are risen to their podiums. The timer counts down from 60. The tributes look around at the forest arena and take their positions. Most are aimed towards the Cornucopia, including Katniss, who is focused on a bow in the center of the Cornucopia, but Peeta distracts her by shaking his head. The playing of music signals that the Games have begun and the tributes run off their podiums.

Peeta and Rue run straight towards the forest. Katniss circles the pedestals in an attempt to run towards Peeta, passing by Foxface who runs into the forest the other way, but he runs swiftly into the forest surrounding them, forcing her to stop and watch the bloodbath unfold. Thresh is the first one at the Cornucopia, with the District 4 male close behind. They both run to the back of the Cornucopia; Thresh gathers supplies and the District 4 male hides. Catopunches the District 6 male and then beats him up.

The tributes fighting

The District 8 male attempts to punch Marvel but he blocks, trips, and slashes him with a knife. Marvel then gets on top of the District 8 male and stabs him multiple times. The District 6 male sees this and runs. The District 10 male runs, but is cleaved by Cato. The District 3 male pushes the District 7 female and steals her throwing axe. The District 3 male gets into a fight with Marvel over the axe. 

When he refused to let go, Marvel smacks him with his backpack, winning the axe. The District 6 male and the District 10 male fight on the floor for a backpack. Marvel swings his axe at the District 10 male but he dodges, however when it comes back around it smacks the District 10 male in the face, knocking him to the ground. The District 3 male and the District 7 female fight for a spear.

The District 3 female grabs a black backpack and runs, but the District 5 male grabs her and pulls her back into the bloodbath. The District 5 male trips and falls, allowing the District 3 female to escape. The District 6 female takes a sword and tries to attack the District 4 female with it, but she is brutally beaten and pushed to the ground, causing her to let go of her sword.

Tributes killing each other

Tributes killing each other

The District 4 female grabs a sword and slashes the District 3 female's leg, while Clove looks through a pack and finds throwing knifes and a vest. The District 5 male grabs a sickle. The District 3 female gets up and the District 5 male slashes her with his sickle and steals her bag, leaving her to bleed to death.

The District 6 female tries to steal the District 10 male's bag, but Glimmer comes from behind and pulls her hair, taking the bag with her. While still pulling the District 6 female's hair, Glimmer shoves her into a crate and then shoves her to the ground. Glimmer tries to steal the bag from her but the District 6 female doesn't let go of it. Glimmer picks up a knife, stabs her to death, steals the bag, and runs off.

The District 7 female sees this and ducks behind a crate to avoid conflict. The District 4 female confronts Cato. She swings a sword at Cato but he ducks. Cato smacks the sword out of her hands and smacks her with a baton. He then throws her over a crate. The District 7 male attacks the District 6 male, but the District 6 male punches him in face. As Katniss watches the District 4 female grab a red backpack and run, she spots an orange backpack and runs to it, passing Glimmer stabbing the District 6 female to death as Marvel watches and the District 6 male looking through a backpack frantically.

Glimmer stabs the District 6 female.

Glimmer grabs the District 6 female's yellow sleeping bag and runs straight into the District 10 male, who takes it and runs. He then pushes the District 7 male to the ground, with his sleeping bag in his left arm. The District 5 male smacks the District 7 female with his backpack. The District 7 male sees this and grabs a spear and pushes the District 5 male to the ground. Thresh runs out of the Cornucopia as Glimmer runs inside and the District 7 male is about to kill the District 5 male when Thresh runs in between.

The District 5 male leaves his stuff, still holding onto his sword, and crawls away. The District 7 male tries to spear Thresh, but Thresh dodges, knocks the spear out of his hands, and pushes him with his curved sword and backpack, slashing his throat and ultimately killing him.

Thresh killing the District 7 male.

The District 9 male (played by the District 7 male's actor) sees an orange backpack, grabs a two-holed axe, and runs towards it. Katniss grabs the backpack but trips. She turns around and sees the District 9 male about to slash her, but he falls to the ground dead.

The District 9 male (played by the District 7 male's actor) about to kill Katniss.

She sees Clove, who has thrown a knife into his back. Clove throws a knife toward Katniss's head, but Katniss shields herself with her backpack and runs away. The District 3 male and the District 7 female now fight over a black backpack, but the District 7 female manages to beat him and run off. Marvel grabs a yellow sleeping bag and jumps over a crate and Thresh escapes. The District 6 male chases the District 5 male to the back of the Cornucopia.

The District 6 male strangles the District 5 male to a crate, but the District 5 male gets the upper hand and smacks the District 6 male into another crate. The District 5 male comes out of the Cornucopia, but is slashed in the abdomen by Glimmer, while Clove rams the District 7 female to ground. Marvel sees her on the ground and he spears her in the heart.

Glimmer tries to attack the District 6 male, but he grabs a sword and pushes Glimmer to the ground, causing her to scream, gaining the attention of Cato. Cato pushes the District 6 male away from Glimmer, who attempts to slash Cato, but Cato grabs a scythe, trips him, and then stabs him in the gut. Cato then finished him with one last stab. Katniss crashes into Foxface and has a short run-by encounter with the District 10 male. After this, the District 4 male grabs a small sword and attempts to escape, but when he turns around, Cato slashes his throat.

The District 6 male about to killed by Cato.

Cato looks up and finds a sword and grabs it. Katniss, Peeta, Rue, Thresh, the District 10 male, the District 8 female, Foxface, the District 4 female, the District 3 male, Clove, Cato, Marvel and Glimmer all escape the bloodbath alive, but after the Cornucopia bloodbath the District 4 female is later found and killed by the Careers,

TributePlacingKilled by District 8 male 24th Marvel District 10 female 23rd Unknown District 3 female 22nd District 5 male District 6 female 21st Glimmer District 9 male 20th Clove District 7 male 19th Thresh District 9 female 18th Unknown District 5 male 17th Glimmer District 7 female 16th Marvel District 6 male 15th Cato District 4 male 14th Cato District 4 female 13th Careers




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Too much info Benji. Nice try though... he-he.



The cannons go off to announce a tributes' death, the hovercraft comes to take the dead tributes' away because they have to or else they'll rot