The Hunchback of Notre Dame Metaphors and Similes

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Metaphors and Similes

Olympus (Metaphor)

When in the grand hall the competition of the best grimaces started all the people were very excited, they took it really seriously. And when the show started and those who wished to win made their grimaces, all the audience burst out with such a laughter that “Homer would have taken all these louts for gods”. In such a way the author represents idling and emptiness of the given occasion, as it were Greek gods who would while drinking wine laugh at the others. But even compared to this gods had some aim, while these people are swimming in complete purposelessness.

To hide in Philosophy (Metaphor)

One a very blusterous night Gringoire had no place to take a refuge. He was walking through the night to warm himself and in hope that something would turn up and he would be in save. But deeply he knew that Philosophy was his sole refuge, for he did not know where he was to lodge for the night. Only thought of eternal things could warn and save such a pure soul as Gringoire’s.

Young gypsy (Simile)

The moment Gringoire sees Esmeralda for the first time she is dancing and singing. The young girl is unspeakably beautiful, and when comparing her dancing, the author does not use some external objects; he uses the very girl for the sake of comparison: “Her voice was like her dancing, like her beauty. It was indefinable and charming; something pure and sonorous, aerial, winged, so to speak”. Esmeralda needed no wide comparison, she was a beauty itself.

Kidnapping (Simile)

Quasimodo was ordered to kidnap Esmeralda and has almost succeeded, but a captain of the king’s archers appeared and save the girl. but even being clumsy Quasimodo was rather skillful when grabbed Esmeralda: “plunged rapidly into the gloom, bearing the young girl folded across one arm like a silken scarf”. It was easy for him to grab a light girl.

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