The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter Characters

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter Character List

Biff Brannon

Biff Brannon is an owner of the New York Café. He has been suffering from a feeling of a bitter disappointment at his marriage. His wife, Alice, even stopped wearing her wedding ring. The man spends all his time behind the counter, observing his customers and contemplating.

Alice Brannon

Alice Brannon is a wife of Biff Brannon. She dies during the surgery.

John Singer

John Singer is a deaf-mute engraver who becomes a confidant of other main characters. He seems to be a flawless person, who is always ready to lend a hand and absolutely selfless. His suicide is a riddle for others.

Spiros Antonapoulos

Spiros Antonapoulos is a friend of John Singer. They had lived together before John Singer was placed in an asylum.

Charles Parker

Charles Parker is a cousin of Antonapoulos.

Mick Kelly

Mick Kelly is one of the main characters of the story. She is a tomboy, who is also the black sheep of the family. She dreams about music and wants to buy a piano to be able to write it. She starts working at the shop to earn money, but then feels bitter because of it, for she has to leave the school and sacrifice her free time.

Jake Blount

Jake Blount is a socialist who wants to change the world. He tries to convince others that capitalism is a way of injustice. However, no one takes his words seriously for they have seen him drunk more often than they have seen him sober.

Bill, Bubber, Ralph, Etta, Hazel

The siblings of Mick Kelly.

Harry Minowitz

Harry Minowitz is a Jewish boy and a friend of Mick Kelley.

Lucy Wilson

Lucy Wilson is a sister of Alice Brannon.

Baby Wilson

Baby Wilson is a daughter of Lucy Wilson.


Simms is a sidewalk preacher.


Portia is a black maiden who works for the Kellys. The young woman proves to be very loyal to her family and even her employers.


Highboy is a husband of Portia.

Doctor Copeland

Doctor Copeland is the first black doctor in the town. He dreams about the day when other black people stop working for white people. He tries to promote education, but doesn’t succeed. He is also a father of Portia, Willie and their siblings.

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