The Healers Background

The Healers Background

Ayi Kwei Armah (born 1939) is an author from Ghana. His contributions to literature include novels, essays, poetry, short stories, and even children's books. Primarily concerned with racism and prejudice, Armah's personal life becomes intertwined with his fiction. He belongs to a generation of African writers who were concerned with the nature of humanity. Often, this manifests in a profound despair.

The Healers was published in 1979. It is Armah's third novel, but also one of his least popular. Set in the 19th century, the book revolves around the life of Densu, the protagonist. Great Britain is trying to conquer Ashanti, a region now contained within Ghana. As a young man approaching his maturation into society, Densu struggles to accept the changes which colonization bring for his people, as well as recognizing the necessity of change within his community. Densu becomes a local healer, but soon he is suspected of a crime and unable to prove his innocence. He witnesses the evils of society firsthand.

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