The Golden Notebook Imagery

The Golden Notebook Imagery

Imagery of Darkness

Imagery of the darkness is used to convey the depressed mood of the novel. London is described as dark with dark weather, dark buildings, and dark atmosphere in general. Anna's flat is described as dark, and she is often times described sitting in her bedroom in the dark. At the beginning of her Black Notebook Anna says that there is darkness everywhere, that everything is dark and the title of the Black Notebook is The Dark. Imagery of darkness is used in Ella's ( Anna's) relationships with men where they are described as being in the dark, in the darkness.

Imagery of Blood

The image of blood is used to convey Anna's shame, in her writing or in her womanhood. She has a dream that she writes down in her Blue Notebook, about falling down and then separating herself into two, the Anna on the pavement and the Anna who licks the blood from herself. This dream could represent Anna's division of herself and her being ashamed of her artistic self which she tries to suppress. Another image of the blood, menstrual blood, shows Anna's repulsion towards it and in this repulsion could be seen her shame in being a woman.

Imagery of Dust

Imagery of dust is used to describe the setting of the Black Notebook (smell of dust, dust is hissing). The image of dust is used to further describe the place where rarely anything grows and also used to intensify the feeling of scorching heat of the sun in Africa.

Imagery of Prison

Prison imagery is used often to describe the state of characters and their relationships with other people where they are feeling trapped, not being able to be themselves. Tommy is at first described as a prisoner of his own nature, but later after his suicide attempt he becomes the one who imprisoned his mother. Marion is Richard's prisoner and only when she leaves him is when she is finally free. Saul described being in a relationship with Anna like being her prisoner.

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