The Gods Will Have Blood Background

The Gods Will Have Blood Background

The Gods Are Athirst, also known as The Gods Will Have Blood, is a fictional story by French author Anatole France. The book is set during the French Revolution, and was published in 1912. The story follows the main character Évariste Gamelin, who starts out as a normal person, but eventually gets so involved and madly obsessed with ideas of war and other similar topics that he becomes in dire need of 'justice'. He might seem a normal person on the outside, but he has some interesting ideas on what should go on. One thing stopping him from going further to his goals, however, is the love of his life, who he does not want to leave or hurt, creating a catastrophic dilemma.

Anatole France was born in 1844 in, true to name, France. In France's youth, his father owned a bookstore, which encouraged his love for writing. Spending practically every bit of free time reading or writing, France wrote many works, all in his language of French. Because of their high demand, many of those works have been translated into other languages for publication, and his work has been a topic of discussion for decades.

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