The Forgotten Garden Themes

The Forgotten Garden Themes

Family relations

The size of the story allows it to widely open many lines of relations among characters. The author shows the relations in the Andrews family: though Nell isn’t biological relative to Hugh, Lil and the sisters, all of them continue treating her as if she is so, even after they get to know about her origin. In contrast, the author shows the Mountrachet family: the warmness which takes place in the first family, is absolutely absent in the second one.


This theme is soaked in each line of the story: love not only between a man and a woman, but between parents and children, between soulmates, etc. The author shows that true love doesn’t need money (in case with Georgiana and her husband, Rose and Nathaniel), that it’s enough for parents to love their children and bring them up in warmness, in order to be called “parents” and biological factor isn’t so important here.


The author opens this theme in Eliza, Nathaniel and Linus in the story: Eliza writes fairytales (that is why she is called The Authoress), Nathaniel is an artist and Linus is a photographer. The author very vividly shows the affect of art on each of these characters: it inspires them, it makes them kinder, it changes their lives and their souls, and the reader “is watching” these changes during the story.

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