The Forest of Hands and Teeth Summary

The Forest of Hands and Teeth Summary

There is Forest that has been overtaken by the Unconsecrated (flesh-eating zombies). Mary is a member of the village nest to the forest. One day she hears sirens alerting the village that there are zombies escaping the forest.

Mary discovers that her mother has been infected and her brother Jed removes the mother from the house. Mary then joins the Sisterhood of nuns after Sister Tabitha threatens her to. During her stay in the Cathedral, Mary meets Travis, who is wounded citizen, and speaks to him about her longing to see the ocean.

Another girl called Gabrielle, is brought into the Sisterhood, but she remains locked up. Mary is intrigued by her and goes to investigate but she finds that Gabrielle has been turned into a zombie. Mary manages to escape.

Harry proposes to Mary, who accepts, but she is now in love with his brother, Travis. On her wedding day, the sirens go off again, indicating zombies. A group of them escape by entering the forest. They explore the forest and find an abandoned village that has been infected by the virus.

The zombies attack the house in the abandoned village, and Mary and Travis manage to escape. They manage to escape to a tree house, where they end up having a deep conversation. Jacob starts a fire in the village, and Travis gets bitten by a zombie in the process of trying to escape. She ends up cutting off his head in order to save him from being a zombie.

As they continue walking through the forest, zombies attack Mary again, but Jed dies in the process of saving her. She arrives at the edge of a cliff and ends up falling into the river. A man then comes up to her on the shore and he takes her to his lighthouse.

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