The Enormous Radio Characters

The Enormous Radio Character List

Irene Westcott

Irene is a rather plain happily married woman, mother of two, who enjoys listening to classical music together with her husband Jim. When her old radio breaks down, her husband promises to buy her another one. When the new device arrives, Irene is unhappy about its appearance. However, what seem to be the bigger problem is that instead of playing the desired music, the radio seems to be catching the neighboring apartments. In this way Irene becomes privy to her neighbors' private life which has a negative effect on her behavior. This does not escape her husband Jim, who picks up a fight with her as a result.

Jim Westcott

Jim Westcott is husband of Irene Westcott. In order to make his wife happy he buys her a new radio, so she can listen to classical music. However, instead of playing music, the new radio seems to be catching other people's homes. His wife Irene becomes intrigued by this, which eventually changes her behavior and makes her depressed. In order to fix the problem, Jim arranges for the radio to be repaired, but it costs him more than he can afford. Consequently, he picks up a fight with Irene and the new radio which was supposed to be a source of pleasure becomes a reason for their marital discord.

Miss Armstrong

Miss Armstrong is a nanny from 17B. Irene realizes for the first time that she caught her neighbor's apartment instead of a radio station when she recognizes Miss Armstrong's voice.


The maid helps out Irene with the household chores and her children. She also helps her set up the radio.

Mr Osborn

Mr Osborn is a neighbor from 16C. From listening to the radio Irene finds out that he beats his wife.

Mrs Hutchinson

Mrs Hutchinson is another neighbor that Irene spies on. Her mother is dying of cancer in Florida and they do not have enough money to send her to clinic.

Mr Hutchinson

Mr Hutchinson is the husband of Mrs Hutchinson. He tells his wife that they do not have enough money to send her mother to clinic.

Mrs Meliville

Mrs Melville is a neighbor with a heart problem.

Mr Hendricks

Mr Hendricks is a neighbor who is going to lose his job in April.

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