The Enormous Crocodile Background

The Enormous Crocodile Background

The Enormous Crocodile (originally published in 1978) is one of famed British author Roald Dahl's many books for children. It tells the story of the eponymous Enormous Crocodile, who is almost always hungry. To satiate that desire, the enormous crocodile likes to eat children, which he considers to be plump and juicy and most importantly, tasty. But the crocodile's reign of terror doesn't last too long, as the other animals in the jungle try to put an end to his evil ways.

When it was released - and to this day - The Enormous Crocodile received very positive reviews. A child reviewer from The Guardian, for example, absolutely loved the book. They said that the book was "fun and exciting" and remarked that "It is a very funny book about a hungry crocodile who adores eating juicy little children."

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