The Emigrants Background

The Emigrants Background

The Emigrants was written by Winfried Georg Sebald, which was first published during 1992 and was later published during 2002 by Vintage. This story plainly documents the lives of four German/Jewish emigrants during the twentieth century. Sebald's style and tone of writing is sensible and rich, carefully weaving together the heartfelt and unique experiences of each emigrant. As a result, he sheds light on the big picture regarding the cultural problems faced by Germans and Jews in their country of origin.

Richard Eder of The New York Times deemed this book "a masterpiece." Review of Contemporary Fiction considered it one of the top novels to arise since World War II. Yet some readers don't consider this story's theme exceptional as it emphasizes something too ordinary for their liking: bad memories.

Sebald was a German novelist and academic, with an orientation toward themes of memory and memory loss. His writing helped him experience some reconciliation with the hardships German people faced during World War II.

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