The Echo Maker Background

The Echo Maker Background

The Echo Maker is a novel written by Richard Powers in 2006. The novel mainly revolves around the story of Mark Schluter, who has an accident with his truck on a winter night in Nebraska. He is nursed back to health by his older sister Karin but after Mark recovers from his coma and head injury, he believes his sister to be an impostor. Karin contacts a neurologist called Gerald Weber for help and he diagnoses Mark with Capgras syndrome, a condition which makes sufferers think that people in their lives are impostors. Mark however tries to recover from this and seeks to learn what happened to him on the night of his accident.

The novel was written by the author to explore that Capgras syndrome is and how people do actually suffer from this condition. The author wanted to raise awareness about this condition and display how people suffering from this condition find it difficult to alleviate their delusion.

The novel was received well by both critics and fans alike. The book won the National Book Award for Fiction and was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. In fact, Time Out Magazine have commented on the author for this novel, stating that "Richard Powers is a genius".

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