The Devil and Tom Walker

The Devil and Tom Walker Character List


A famous pirate who buried his treasure in the Charles River Bay. Kidd made a deal with the devil to protect his bounty, but never returned for it; instead, it remained undisturbed until the devil offers it to Tom Walker much later.

Tom Walker

The protagonist of this story, Tom Walker is a common man with miserly tendencies, living an unhappy life with his wife, who is just as miserly as he is. As he is known for his greed, he is strongly tempted by the devil's tantalizing deal, which ultimately results in his downfall.


The wife of Tom Walker. She is unpleasant and miserly, just like her husband, with a fierce temper and a quick tongue. Like Tom she is enticed by the devil's promise and brings all her valuables to bargain with him, but all does not end well.


The story is narrated the fictional Geoffrey Crayon. He has presumably heard the story of Tom Walker many times before.

Old Scratch

The devil incarnate, manifested in the form of a tall black man who guards the old Indian fort. Old Scratch is extremely manipulative and cunning. He was hired to watch over Kidd's treasure, but he sneakily offers it up to Tom -- for a price.

Deacon Peabody

The rightful owner of the land on which the fort sits, where Old Scratch haunts.


A rich man who made a vulgar display of his wealth, acquired by buccaneering; his name is one of the many rich colony residents' names scored onto a tree by Old Scratch. After his first visit to the devil, Tom's wife informs him that Crowninshield has died.

Governor Belcher

During the time when Blecher governed the colony, money was extremely scarce and paper credit became more widespread.


He begs Tom to grand him a few months of pardon before foreclosing his mortgage, because he borrowed a large sum of money from Tom and could not pay it back.


Reports the sight of Tom Walker being carried away on the devil's horse.