The Death Cure

The Death Cure Character List


Thomas is the protagonist and main character of the series. Thomas is considered the 'chosen one' of the WICKED experiments, as his brain contains the most and the best data for discovering the cure for the Flare. Thomas is extremely compassionate and kind-hearted, as he is willing to risk his life to save his friends. In The Death Cure, Thomas is put to the ultimate test: he has to watch his friend Newt suffer, deal with Teresa's betrayal, and, all the while, help lead his friends to safety.


Newt is one of the main characters in the story. He is described as tall and muscly, with blonde hair, a strong British accent, and a lift from his attempted suicide. Typically, Newt is friendly, open, and approachable. He is a close friend of Thomas and takes on a position of authority, helping himself and his fellow Gladers navigate a series of difficult situations. Throughout The Death Cure, Newt is uncharacteristically quiet and forlorn, compared to his usual optimistic persona. This is because Newt is distraught due to the news that he is not immune to the Flare, meaning he will soon succumb to insanity and painful death. Throughout The Death Cure, Newt often feels hopeless, to the extent that he urges his friend Thomas to kill him in order to end his misery.

Teresa Agnes

Teresa is the only female Glader from Group A. She is smart, quick-witted, and resourceful. She is also described as being very beautiful, with burning blue eyes, pale skin, and dark black hair. In The Death Cure, Teresa adopts the role of traitor, and becomes misguided and difficult to trust. She often struggles with her conscience, as she is unsure of whom to trust. At the end of the novel she dies while saving Thomas; this selfless act shows that she truly cared about Thomas and the others.


Minho is a former Glader, and a close friend of Thomas and the others. He is extremely sarcastic and quick-witted, but also deeply loyal. He is also very, practical, stealthy, and fast, as he used to be keeper of the runners. He often uses his speed to avert disaster; however, he faces extreme pain when struck by a lightning bolt. His determination is exemplified through his persistence and determination to fight back. At the end of the novel, Minho takes on a position of control and authority as he assumes leadership over the Immunes.

Janson, or 'the Rat Man'

Janson is the main antagonist in the series. He is a high-ranking official working for WICKED and continuously exploits, threatens, and harms Thomas and the other Gladers. He is extremely persistent and will do what ever it takes to find a cure to the Flare, even if this means harming and possibly killing a group of innocent teenagers. He is described as physically repulsive, with the distinct characteristics of a rat, which earned him the nickname 'Rat Man'. He is also extremely violent and sadistic, as he takes pleasure in causing Thomas pain.


Brenda is a key character who helps Thomas and the Gladers get to safety. She is immune to the Flare, meaning that she is one of the few people in the Scorch who is sane and self-possessed. She is described as being very pretty, with long brown hair and bright dark eyes. Throughout the novel, Thomas and Brenda become very close. Although their relationship status is ambiguous, it appears that they progress from friends to romantic interests, as the book ends with them embracing one another as they gaze at the sunset.


Vince leads the Right Arm, an organization opposing WICKED. He is described as large and muscular, with a very deep voice. He provides great help to the Gladers, as he comes up with a plan to trick WICKED and allow Thomas and the others to infiltrate the heavily guarded building. He is also a natural leader, as exemplified through his ability to think clearly under pressure, give orders, and consider potential problems.


Jorge works for WICKED, but hates them as much as Thomas and his friends do. He is very close with Brenda. Jorge is also immune to the Flare, although WICKED made him pretend to be a Crank down in the Scorch to trick Thomas. He is a Berg pilot, and helps fly Thomas and his friends around.


Gally was a bully to Thomas in the Glade. WICKED manipulated him to try to kill Thomas, but he killed Chuck instead. Gally still feels guilty about what he did. He knew he had to get away from WICKED, and so pretended to be crazy. He started working for the Right Arm instead, but realized that his real intentions lay with Thomas's beliefs too. He and Thomas somewhat reconcile, and Gally is taken to the safe haven with the other Immunes as well.

Chancellor Ava Paige

The Chancellor heads WICKED and the remaining governments of the world that have come together. While this originally makes Thomas and his friends think that Chancellor Paige is also evil and against them, Brenda tells Thomas early on that the Chancellor is trustworthy. This is because, unlike her colleagues, Chancellor Paige has realized the senselessness of the Trials. She knows that the Immunes are the world's only hope. She writes a note and instructions to Thomas to help him escape and take the Immunes to a real safe haven.

Dr. Christensen and Dr. Wright

WICKED's 'Psychs' or 'psychologist doctors', Christensen and Wright are Janson's colleagues. They agree with Janson that WICKED should keep pushing for answers. They are in accordance with performing surgery on Thomas's brain in an effort to find the Cure.