The Crying Game Glossary

The Crying Game Glossary


To question someone intensely with the purpose of discovering specific information.


A game played predominantly in England and former British colonies somewhat related to baseball due to being played with a bat and ball.


Endless chattering about little of consequence or importance.


Fascinating to the point of being a temptation.


Generally refers to a person of either sex who dresses to appear as a member of the opposite sex, but is usually utilized within the context of a man dressing in women’s clothing.


To toss something away; to dispose.


Slang for British currency; a pound sterling.


Chivalrous, courageous and valiant usually applied within the context of a man acting so toward a woman or someone he thinks is a woman.


The same thing repeating over and over; conveying a sense of being repeated more than just a couple of times, often over the course of a long period of time.


Compassionate leniency; usually connoting the mercy shown within a judicial forum, but this sense is not a requirement.


A wise decision to remain subtle and not make a public display of a relationship, event or activity.


A sarcastic or mocking show of disrespect and scorn.


An intense and pervasive feeling of dissatisfaction; extreme and comprehensive boredom.


Compliments as a form of flattery.

Irish Republican Army

An armed movement dedicated to overthrowing British rule on the island of Ireland.

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