The Collected Stories of Thomas Wolfe Background

The Collected Stories of Thomas Wolfe Background

Of the fifty-eight stories that make up North Carolina's most famous author Thomas Wolfe's short story collection, (which spans the peak of the author's career), the most important and popular are such stories as "The Train and the City" and "The Child by Tiger" (which covers a terrible lynching) This is the most extensive collection of Wolfe's stories to date. Thirty-five of the stories have never before been collected, making this an exceptionally unique and rare book.

His content reflects on American culture filtered through Wolfe's unique and sensitive perspective. Many of the short stories are a biting satire on American culture, patriotism, and other poignant and exciting topics. For a more comprehensive look at the contents of the book, check out the publisher website, which gives a detailed look on the collected short stories.

Wolfe is often looked at as the one of the best writers of his generation. It is often thought that if Wolfe would have lived longer, though, his work would have improved even more, and the world would have a legend on their hands. Much like Wolfe himself, his collection is loved by both critics and audiences alike.

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