The Christmas Box Characters

The Christmas Box Character List


Richard Paul Evans uses his own name for his character. Richard owns a tuxedo shop. He and his wife Keri are growing apart. He is working all of the time. He is missing events with his daughter. When they move into a huge house with an older lady, Richard begins his journey to see what he is missing and how to correct the problem. Richard will come across as a "Scrooge-like" character for most of the novella.


Keri is Richard's wife. She is growing tired of being a single parent although she is still married. When they move into a house with Mary Parkin, she grows to love the older woman and learn lessons from her that will help save her marriage.


Mary Parkin is the older woman that the Evans' move in to assist her with her day-to-day activities. She is a strong character having what appears to be several secrets. Due to Richard's constant work schedule, she grows close to both Keri and her daughter Jenna. Mary is not well, but struggles to help the family with what she realizes is a parallel situation to one she and her husband had. It is not until she is on her death bed that Richard realizes the lessons. Mary's character appears harsh in the beginning, but her attempt to protect herself from pain is what we discover throughout the novel. She has suffered great loss and does not want to experience any more pain.


Jenna is the innocent child in this story. In the story, she is the catalyst to save both Mary and Richard. She loves purely. She, like Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol, will help both of them see what they have been missing in life and open both characters up to the love she gives so freely. Her character reminds Mary of the child that she lost.


Andrea is Mary's lost daughter. You do not find out how Andrea died in this book as it is given in the prequel Timepiece. Her angel spirit comes to Richard in dreams causing him to reflect upon the time that he is losing with his own daughter. As Mary is crossing over, she smiles and sees Andrea for the first time since her death.

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