The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War Character List

Jerry Renault

The protagonist, a freshman at Trinity. The son of a pharmacist, he has recently lost his mother.

Archie Costello

The "Assigner" for the Vigils and one of the book's central antagonists.


Roland Goubert, nicknamed "The Goober." He is on the football team with Jerry and is deeply distraught at Jerry's unwillingness to conform.


Archie's reluctant lackey.

Brother Leon

The Acting Headmaster of Trinity School, and one of the book's central antagonists.

Mr. Renault

Jerry's father, a pharmacist and grieving widower.


The captain of the football team and the President of the Vigils.

Emile Janza

A vile boy who is partiularly cruel to those who are smaller or younger than him. Archie uses Emile to torment Jerry.

Ellen Barrett

A girl Jerry sees at a bus-stop and tries to ask out on a date.

Brother Eugene

A teacher at Trinity.

Brother Jacques

A teacher at Trinity.


A boy with excellent grades who is blackmailed by Brother Leon to assist in the chocolate sale.

Brian Cochran

The student whom Brother Leon appoints Treasurer of the chocolate sale.

Gregory Bailey

A good student who is singled out by Brother Leon.

Frankie Rollo

A boy who is targeted by The Vigils.

Brother Andrew

A teacher at Trinity.