The Caretaker

The Caretaker Character List


The older brother of Mick, Aston appears shy, reserved, and slow. He speaks haltingly and has trouble finishing projects. He reveals that when younger he was subject hallucinations, and then, against his will, was put into a mental facility and given electroshock treatment. He confesses he has difficulty ordering his thoughts. He is also very compassionate, offering Davies a place to stay and a job. He is finally pushed to his limits when Davies mocks his treatment and "make[s] too much noise" (60). He has a good relationship with Mick, although they do not speak to each other.


Davies is an itinerant and a tramp. After a fight at his cafe job, he is brought by Aston to the room where he is offered the caretaker position by both Aston and Mick. Davies is loud, confident, arrogant, and full of himself. He has a martyr complex, believing that everyone else, particularly other races, is out to get him. His identity is questionable, as his papers have been at Sidcup for a long time. He eventually alienates Aston with his irritability, laziness, and mean-spiritedness, and is forced out of the room.


The younger brother of Aston, Mick is rather mysterious and complex. He cares deeply for his brother and deftly deceives Davies. He is intelligent and ambitious, and talks frequently about his projects and desires to expand. He lives outside the room but resents Davies's entrance into it. While he admits to getting frustrated with Aston, his dream is to fix up flat and live there with him.