The Buried Giant Background

The Buried Giant Background

The Buried Giant is a fantasy novel written by Kazuo Ishiguro and was published by Faber&Faber publishing company in 2015. This is the seventh of Ishiguro’s works and has also been distributed in the USA via Random House publishers.

The novel revolves around the relationship of married couple Axl and Beatrice who are stuck in a time where it is difficult to recall things from one’s past. Both Beatrice and Axl head on a journey to unveil the secrets of their past believing that it will make their love stronger but they encounter many difficulties on their way, due to the consequences of their past.

The novel was received with mixed views. James Wood, of The New Yorker, slated Ishiguro’s novel by claiming that "Ishiguro is…fudging limited but conveniently lucid recollections." Alternately, Alex Preston, of the Guardian, stated “The Buried Giant is Game of Thrones with a conscience, The Sword in the Stone for the age of the trauma industry, a beautiful, heartbreaking book about the duty to remember and the urge to forget."

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