The Bridge at Andau Background

The Bridge at Andau Background

James A. Michener is the author of The Bridge at Andau, which was originally published during 1957. It was published again during 1985 by Fawcett. Michener details a true account of the Hungarian Revolution. He talks about the city of Budapest being torn apart because of Russian military personnel invading the territory and stripping away its resources. The only way Hungarians could escape the madness and embrace freedom is by crossing a seemingly unimportant bridge at Andau, laying on the Austrian border.

Michener gives a riveting depiction of the terror Hungarians experienced during this time and the fight to reclaim their humanity. While some readers appreciate the vividness and critical analysis of Michener, other readers feel his depiction is biased and weighed down by propaganda. Michener is the author of historical fiction sagas rooted in different generations and geographical regions. He is the winner of the 1948 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction thanks to his first novel Tales of the South Pacific.

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