The Breakfast Club Background

The Breakfast Club Background

The Breakfast Club is a teen movie from the year 1985 directed by the renowned filmmaker John Hughes. The movie’s plot takes place in high school on a Saturday when five of the students gather for detention set by the assistant principal Vernon.

All of them are at the first glance representations of a certain stereotype, for example the character of Claire, who is a shallow beauty or John, who is a mean-spirited rebel. Their assignment for detention is to write an essay explaining who they are. After they get to know each other they realize there is more to them than what meets the eye. The leave detention writing an essay relating to all of them, saying that each of them has a bit of everything in them, and that they already know that Vernon judged them stereotypically based on their appearance.

The movie contains important themes of self-acceptance, pressure of student-life and the misunderstandings they face regularly. Hughes's film ranks on various lists of one of the best teen movies ever made and set the bar for movies about student life and struggles that succeeded it.

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