The Book of Three Background

The Book of Three Background

The Book of Three is a high fantasy novel for children, written by Lloyd Chudley Alexander, published in 1964. The book was written and published after World War II and is inspired by Welsh mythology. It is the first in the first chronicle Lloyd ever wrote, called The Chronicles of Prydain. The story centers around Taran, a young assistant pig keeper, and his experiences as he grows older.

Walt Disney Productions loosely adapted the chronicle into a movie called The Black Cauldron (named after the second book in The Chronicles of Prydain; The Black Cauldron). It was released in 1985 as an animated feature film, but the movie was a commercial failure.

The Book of Three was ranked the 18th best children’s novel of all time by a survey published by School Library Journal, and the second book The Black Cauldron won the 1966 Newbery Honor.

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