The Blithedale Romance

The Blithedale Romance Imagery

Eliot's Pulpit (Imagery)

The imagery at Eliot's Pulpit is memorable - Hollingsworth orating, the women listening raptly. The last scene is evocative as well, where Hollingsworth sits, Priscilla is at his feet, and Zenobia looms over them in towering rage.

Discover of Zenobia's corpse (Imagery)

The scene in which Coverdale, Foster, and Hollingsworth undertake their midnight boat ride to discover Zenobia's drowned corpse is eerie, disturbing, and erotic; particularly, Coverdale looking at the corpse and Hollingsworth stabbing it in the breast.

The masquerade (Imagery)

Coverdale makes the masquerade scene in the forest especially macabre, bacchanalian, sensual, and amoral. As the characters dance and revel, Coverdale tries to get through them to reach his friends. The scene's dreamlike quality adds to the strangeness of Coverdale's entire narrative.

Hollingsworth unveiling Priscilla (Imagery)

The scene in which Hollingsworth pulls off Priscilla's veil and commands her to come with him, following which she gives a big sob, is emotional, dramatic, and gasp-worthy to readers.