The Black Monk Quotes


“But I feel good, and I do not do any evil; hence, there is no harm in my hallucinations.”


The phrase repeats for several times during the narrating, and this fact suggests that the author wants to highlight the meaning of these words. He says that our illusions and imagination can play a bad joke with us, though we think that it doesn’t affect our life, relations with the relatives and friends. And we see the result of this effect in the main hero of the story: his death.

“The more intellectually and morally a man is developed, the more independent he is, the more pleasure he finds in his life.”

The Black Monk

The phrase spectacularly represents the main hero of the story, the course of his life and development. First we see him at the peak of his development: he is bright, talented and famous person. And he is happy in some way and full of energy and desire to live. But then he becomes dependent on the meetings with the monk, he leaves his researches, becomes more nervous and angry at his life.

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