The Beggar's Opera


Mr Peachum – powerful leader of criminals who betrays or discards his thieves, highwaymen, and prostitutes when they are no longer useful to him
Lockit – jail keeper  
Macheath – captain of gang of robbers; a womanizer who professes to love both Polly and Lucy
Filch – the Peachums' loyal but squeamish servant
Jemmy Twitcher Macheath's Gang
Crook-Finger'd Jack
Wat Dreary
Robin of Bagshot
Nimming Ned – ("Nimming" meaning thieving)
Harry Padington
Finger Dan
Matt of the Mint
Ben Budge
Beggar (serves as Narrator)
Mrs Peachum
Polly Peachum
Lucy Lockit
Mrs Diana Trapes
Mrs Coaxer Women of the Town
Dolly Trull – ("Trull" meaning prostitute)
Mrs Vixen
Betty Doxy – ("Doxy" meaning slut)
Jenny Diver
Mrs Slammekin – ("Slammerkin" meaning slut)
Suky Tawdry
Molly Brazen

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