The Barber of Seville Characters

The Barber of Seville Character List

Count Almaviva

Almaviva is a Spanish Count who has fallen in love with Rosine before ever speaking a word to her. He is suffering from love at first sight. He is also tentative about trusting any woman to love him for himself and not for his fortune and this is why he decides to embark upon assuming so many different disguises. He presents himself to her as a poor student, a hard-up teacher, a music teacher and also a drunken sailor. He is a decent man whose reputation is sullied a little by the doctor but it is also restored by the honorable way in which he carries himself and treats Rosine. He was clearly kind and benevolent to Figaro as his former servant is loyal and committed to helping him. The majority of the music in the play comes from the Count.


Figaro is inspired by the character of Brighella in the Commedia dell'arte. He is a clever but manipulative liar. He is a bundle of paradoxes. He is unscrupulous and shady, yet honorable and loyal. He is good humored yet constantly suffering from low-level anger. He forces himself to smile and laugh otherwise he will weep. We learn a little more about Figaro as the play progresses, discovering that he was the illegitimate son of Dr Bartholo and his maid, Marceline.He was raised by his mother's extended family but left because he wanted to better himself. He is intelligent but did not receive the best opportunities in early life. The key problem with him as a character is that it is impossible to tell what is a lie and what is the truth when he says it.


Rosine is Doctor Bartholo's ward and about to age out of his guardianship. He is inappropriately attached to her and she is a sweet girl who is really not able to see his intentions towards her. She seems to fall as immediately in love with the Count as he does with her and is very happy to marry him. She becomes angry when she is told that he is a womanizer and this is probably because she had taken him at his word, trusted him and developed strong feelings for him. She is a strong-minded girl who is feisty and who takes her own happiness into her own hands.

Dr Bartholo

Dr Bartholo is Rosine's guardian, but has fallen in love with her and intends to trap or force her into marrying him. His feelings towards her have become extremely inappropriate but he is not going to be diverted from or talked out of his intention to make her his wife. He does not mind how many people he has to get involved with the plan. He wants his own way all the time and will not hear of anything that is opposed to what he has decided upon. He is Figaro's birth father but was really an absent father although retains contact with his son who is both his barber and his apothecary.


Bazile is an organ player and also Rosine's singing teacher. He is a trusted confidante of the Doctor but also prepared to go along with the lie created by the Count and Figaro. He is the kind of person who plays both sides against the middle. He is a sidekick kind of character who seems basically honorable but whose loyalty always comes back to the Doctor

The Judge

The judge appears at the end of the play, brought to the house with the sole purpose of marrying Rosine and the Count. His entire existence is an irony in the play, since Bartholo intended to bring him to the house in order to force Rosine to marry him, but he is actually brought to the house by Figaro so that he can marry the Count and Rosine instead.

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