The Babysitter Summary

The Babysitter Summary

The narrative takes place entirely between 7:40 and 10:30 PM one night in the suburbs. What actually happens and what is just imagined to have happened is never made entirely clear. Multiple perspectives are used to piece together what can only be termed the basic events that occur because the timeline is such that in order for everything that is described to have actually taken place, several conflicting actions would have had to occur at the same time and place.

A couple named Dolly and Harry Tucker get dressed to attend a cocktail party when the babysitter they have engaged for the evening arrives. Harry engages in some light sexual fantasies of watching her stretch herself seductively for him. When the parents leave, the children being babysat, Jimmy and Bitsy, spiritedly assail the girl and start tickling. Jimmy fantasizes about the girl giving him a spanking.

Jack, her boyfriend, is playing pinball at the arcade with his buddy Jack and they toss around the idea of dropping in and surprising her. Jack fantasizes about helping his friend seduce his girlfriend and even entertains the fantasy of helping him rape her. He also considers this idea from the perspective of being the big hero and moving to save the babysitter from Mark’s assault.

In the car on the way to the party, Dolly asks her husband what he makes of the babysitter. He replies that she sometimes seems careless.

While bathing the kids, the babysitter can’t help but laugh at the idea of all the fuss being made about sex. Little Jimmy’s penis hardly seems the things about which so many songs are sung.

As the parents arrive at the party, the babysitter bathes Bitsy while Jimmy watches TV. As the party progresses, Dolly learns of new babies on the way and Harry talks golf. Bitsy runs naked from the bathroom and on the TV the sheriff in an old Western draws his revolver in a gunfight. Meanwhile, Jack and Mark are still discussing whether to drop in and what might happen if they do.

The babysitter is just getting into the tub for her own bath when Jack and Mark show up. Jack is fantasizing about being the hero after Mark has tried assaulted his girlfriend. Jimmy peeks through the keyhole and is rewarded with a quick flash of the girl’s nude backside. When she’s finished bathing, a spy movie is on. The phone rings and Bitsy tells Jimmy to grab her towel, leaving her standing completely naked in the living room.

The hero fantasy has been replaced by the threesome idea as both Jack and Mark have the girl under the blankets, peeling down her panties and kissing her. Close to 9:00 and she puts the kids to bed. Harry continues to debate over whether he should call home and check up on things. Meanwhile the playful threesome has turned ugly and violent. She washes the dishes, cleans the kitchen and flips through the TV channels. Talk at the party has turned to putting aging parents into retirement homes.

Mr. Tucker shows up and peeks through the window at Jimmy and Bitsy grabbing the towel and leaving the girl naked. Then he shows up to interrupt the raping of the girl.

Dolly Tucker uses her host’s bathroom, but can’t get her tight girdle back up. One by one, nearly everyone joins in the effort to get Dolly’s girdle back into place. Eventually, she has to be moved into in the living room to allow everyone that is needed to have enough room to operate.

The Tuckers’ baby wakes up and starts crying because of a messy diaper. The babysitter looks at the mess and figures the best thing is to wash it in the water still in the tub from her own bath. Jimmy interrupts her complaining about needing to use the bathroom and then on top of everything else the phone starts ringing. When she gets back, Jimmy says that there might be something wrong with the baby. It’s underwater and not moving anymore.

10:00 and the dishes are done and the kids are in bed and she turns on the TV to watch the news before dozing off. She wakes to find Mr. Tucker standing over her. He offers to take her home and Mrs. Tucker is surprised to find the dishes have been done.

The host of the party tells Dolly he’s sorry that she came home to find her children murdered, a dead body in the tub and a missing husband, but what else can he say? She suggests they check out what movie’s on the late show tonight.

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